Kdenlive v0.7.6 running on Mac OS X

You can download (or play with FireFox 3.5+) the original Ogg Theora of the screen recording:

Or see it on YouTube:

Currently only available through MacPorts.

the screen capture is really looking good!

One short question. Is this version supposed to work on Intel based macs only? Is the endianness the problem on ppc based macs?

Intel only and requires hardware OpenGL to be useful because it uses a QGLWidget for video playout. PPC even has problems on Linux at this point although one guy working on that got so far as to determine nearly all of MLT (minus frei0r plugins) is working fine - but not yet Kdenlive.

Nevertheless I gave it a try and found that basic operations like adding a clip and slideshow-clip, applying basic fade-out effects and rendering does work without problems on my PowerBook G4 Mac OS X 10.5.8.

kdenlive version 0.7.6
mlt 0.4.6

maybe someone else could give it a try too. it took me quite a while to get it to crash :-)

Wow, that's great news! The guy from the mailing lists who was debugging little endian issues was running into some problems with the thumbnails and color clips in Kdenlive, and probably other similar things.