Kdenlive on windows

Is possible to have Kdenlive working in windows?

If not possible, what is needed to do this?

But MLT is now working on windows, maybe it is possible to compile Kdenlive on windows...
That should improve kdenlive's user base.

We won't stop somebody from working on a windows build. So feel free to get into this.

How hard would it be to remove any dependence on KDE libs in general?

If that were possible then it would be much easier to port the rest to windows. It would help with OSX packages as well, and Ubuntu/GNOME users would appreciate not having to install any KDE libs.

KDE works on windows now.

HOW does one get KDE to work on Windows? The only info I saw was in the FAQ, which I'm unsure how to implement (assuming it's the only way to install):
"download a CD-boot only GNU/Linux distribution including Kdenlive 0.7"

Windows is such a horrible platform to use to video editing...yes the development is there but not the OS. After spending thousands of dollars on programs and video cards just to have my computer crash I switched to Ubuntu for good. No more dual booting...This program has just broken ground in terms of working with HD footage and I hope the development makes windows users switch to Linux. I have two friends that switched to Ubuntu in the last two week because of the new Kdenlive 8.1. They LOVE it!!! The people who built Kdenlive built the program on the most stable OS in the computing land....why go backwards?

One of the reasons I'm working on linux is kdenlive. I have seen the light!

not everyone wants to change their entire computing world just to run one program, and I believe there are many who would appreciate if this was adapted for Windows.

I have just tried the "KDE on Windows" download from kde.org. Works well on Windows 8 Preview with Konqueror Web Browser and K-something paint programme all good.

For a more realistic solution now for users already on Windows computers, eg my multimedia students - I understand that we need to get Kdenlive on Linux working on existing machines. This is challenging - I have put in too many hours trying to package a student-friendly work-at-home Kdenlive+Linux solution and here is what happens. All working from the "AVLinux 5.0.3 Tube" distribution with Kdenlive

* Partition hard drive and do full internal install of AVLinux - Kdenlive WORKS WELL. I am using that system now as I write this. BUT this is not practical for my students who tell me that they are not confident of doing this at home or doing the equivalent of attacking their home machine with a screwdriver and installing a second hard disk drive.

* Run as "ISOLINUX" from a DVD. All editing is good. Immediate crash on trying to render an output video.

* Try run from a USB Pen Drive. Same result as DVD

* Try special setup of a USB Pen Drive to "enable persistence". 2 partitions and a setup with something which from frail human memory was called uunet ...?
This rendered OK! BUT OH NO! On playing previews the preview pane went plain grey although audio is OK. Preview video is visible while scrubbing. There is an old saying like "video is video and audio is audio and never the twain shall meet" which applies in this case!

* Try a large USB pen drive and set it up as though it was another hard drive. Install seemed to go OK. Boot loader recognised it but on selection the screen just went plain black and stayed that way.

* Virtual machine using "VMWare Player 4'. Very uneven results but it does work well on high powered machines like an i7 although its display is stubbornly limited to 800 x 600 pixels. Of some limited use.

* UBUNTU 11.10 installed with WUBI. Shares the NTFS file system. Looks like a near-full linux experience which can be easily added to a Windows system as a dual boot. BUT I cannot get Kdenlive to run on Ubuntu 11.10. I did spend time reading and searching and I found out about the "sunab repository" but all that did was get it starting then crashing.

In reviewing a range of low-cost and open source video editors for student use eg extended work-at-home I pick Kdenlive as the best. But OH NO - SO DIFFICULT to get it up and running for non-linux-experts who are reasonably open-minded about giving linux a go. Please please please if anyone is reading do something about this. From what I know about the way these systems play the Ubuntu-Wubi solution is the closest possibility so can someone please get Kdenlive to work on Ubuntu! If this is not the best place to make that request then please tell me where is.

Kdenlive looks to me to be so close to being a breakthrough solution to learning and teaching but students and teachers are under great time pressure and we need a package for our situation.

If Ubuntu doesn't work for you, try Kubuntu 11.10. I am using it with sunan repo withouth problems.

premièrement je voudrais saluer tout le travail accompli par l'équipe de Kdenlive qui à fourni un travail formidable, ce depuis des années, je tiens à dire un grand merci pour ce travail.

Pour moi un étudiant ce doit d'étudier toutes les possibilités qui lui sont offertes, il est important d'avoir l'esprit ouvert et d'appréhender l'informatique d'une manière globale, ce qui implique de connaitre plusieurs systèmes d'exploitation, car il n'existe pas que Windows, un étudiant devra un jour ou l'autre pour des raisons d'entreprise travailler avec un systeme différent, donc l'apprentissage de Linux me parais une bonne chose, le faire alors que l'on est étudiant me parais plus facile que devoir le faire dans une entreprise, et un atout pour trouver un emploi.

Une bonne solution est d'utiliser Ubuntu qui est très facil d'utilisation, en plus pour un étudiant qui n'a pas forcément de l'argent à dépenser pour acheter Windows, il est quand même intéressant d'avoir un système gratuit.

Alors il me parais plus simple d'utiliser un système existant que de vouloir porter Kdenlive sous Windows qui peu se réveler instable et problématique.

Je travail avec un computer depuis 1987, et je trouve que linux est une bonne alternative pour un étudiant sans argent.

Ne soyez pas idiot et aprenez donc un systeme libre, ceci vous ouvrira l'esprit, ou alors achetez Première Pro.

Si un étudaint n'est pas capable d'utiliser Linux, que fera t'il dans une entreprise???????

Vive Kdenlive.

Excuse me, I translate with Im Translator

Good morning,
firstly I would like to greet all job fulfilled by the team of Kdenlive which in provided a great job, it many years, I want to say one thank you very much for this job.

For me a student it has to to study all possibilities which are given to him, it is important to have opened mind and to arrest computer science in a total way, what implicates several operating systems to now, because it is not that Windows, a student will owe for reasons of firm some day to work with a different systeme, therefore the study of Linux to make it parried me a good thing, while they are student parries me easier than have to make it in a firm, and a trump to find a job.

A good resolution is to use Ubuntu which is very facil of use, on top of that for a student out of necessity without some money to be spent on buying Windows, it is really interesting to have a free system.

Then it parries me simpler to use an existent system that to want to carry Kdenlive under Windows which maybe unstable and problematic.

I job with a computer since 1987, and I find that linux a good alternative for a student without money is.

Be not stupid and learn a free systeme therefore, this will open you mind, or then buy Premiere Pro.

If a student is not able of using Linux, that will make you it in a firm???????

Long Life Kdenlive

> firstly I salute the accomplishments of the Kdenlive team

I agree. But that work will go to waste for lack of interest if Kdenlive is too difficult to deploy. As an educator I see that Kdenlive and Openshot are very close. Openshot is easier for us to deploy. Kdenlive has a better user interface, runs faster and has proxy. Openshot badly needs proxy and if it gets added I may well give my love to Openshot.

> For me a student it has to study all possibilities on offer …

My students disagree. This multimedia course is one of 4 they are doing in 16 weeks of study. They are business students and they are very focussed on getting marks to pass their courses. Many of them need to work to support their study. They are under great time pressure and they would rather put time into other courses than put time into something that gives a challenging experience and may not payoff in marks quickly enough. Some of them also do a Linux course and they find Kdenlive interesting but that is only 3 out of 34 students. Those 3 are giving a negative report of Kdenlive to the other students and I will need to bring a more usable setup to the debate to respond to this.

> A good resolution is to use Ubuntu ..

Ubuntu 11.10 + Kdenlive is not working in our trials. Thanks to the writer above who suggests Kubuntu, I plan to try that.

> .... Kdenlive under Windows which maybe unstable and problematic …

I agree. All our trials are about adding Kdenlive+Linux to existing Windows systems.

> I find that linux a good alternative for a student without money is...

The student point of view. They study at an Institute where all the computers they use are Windows systems. They usually own Laptops which are sold with bundled pre-loaded Windows systems therefore that cost is invisible to them. Microsoft gives software including Windows to students therefore most Microsoft software is effectively free from the student point of view. This is the real world of our education environment. The best you and I can do is introduce the alternatives to fill some needs and build from some small successes. I have had such success with "The GIMP" in my courses. I would like to achieve the same with Kdenlive but Kdenlive needs to make friends by solving problems for students and teachers, not by giving difficult deployment experiences.

In addition to the list of making Kdenlive available to non linux users, you might consider preparing external USB or eSata HDDs (2,5" should be power supplied via the USB cable). Prepare _one_ image with the Linux of your choice. Then apply the image to the external disks, which you will lend to your students and get them back at the end of the course. The students should be able to enable booting from USB in their BIOS - that can be done without a screwdriver... ;-)

If the next course starts, the new students will have a clean image on their disks. If you skip one or two releases I guess it will not be a vital problem.

Which Linux? A lot of problems here are reported against ubuntu and derivates. I wonder if something like openSuse might be easier to handle for you. But you would have to upgrade openSuse twice a year to be up to date. If you want to be very lazy over a long time and spend a little more work at the beginning, you might like Archlinux, which has a rolling release - you always get the latest packages from the arch repositories.

The benefit would be: always an up to date linux environment, always the latest stable release of Kdenlive in the repositories (usually 1-2 days after release) and a linux containing only stuff, that you have installed on the master image before.

"* Try special setup of a USB Pen Drive to "enable persistence". 2 partitions and a setup with something which from frail human memory was called uunet ...?
This rendered OK! BUT OH NO! On playing previews the preview pane went plain grey although audio is OK. Preview video is visible while scrubbing. There is an old saying like "video is video and audio is audio and never the twain shall meet" which applies in this case!"

Have you tried changing video driver in kdenlive playback options? I've had this issue before and it was solved by changing video driver to XVideo or X11.

> If Ubuntu doesn't work for you, try Kubuntu 11.10. I am using it with sunan repo withouth problems.

Trying that. Setup using the WUBI method then applied sunab. Smoothest setup so far. First editing trial I do observe very sluggish when scrubbing (preview by dragging playhead along) - looking further into that starting with change of file storage location - was a pen drive.