Are there any plans to apply Kdenlive to this year's Google Summer of code? Are there already any propolsals for tasks, that would be done as SOC projects?

JAnez Urevc, Slovenia

  • I am not aware of official plans, but personaly I would like MLT to be able to run as a remote streaming server, on top of webDAV or SVN for file transfer and version control. When media is uploaded to the server, then MLT is able to stream the resulting movie in a resolution compatible with bandwidth. This would make possible for Kdenlive to edit collaborative movies. This would be a small revolution.

This kind of project would be a TOP issue for Google, maybe requiring a dedicated team. This is obviously not a SOC project. This could help Google capture market shares.

  • Another issue is porting MLT ladspa-sdk effects to lv2core. This is a nice small Soc project.

For any of these issues, you should ask Dan Dennedy, I am not the right person to ask. Maybe the streaming server is already part of MLT.