Kdspillm0pup and other effects missing from latest intall in Ubuntu 12.1

I recently posted on trying to compile KDspillm0pup. However, after reading through some posts I believe it should be included in the latest release which I installed a couple of days agon along with the latest release of Ubuntu 12.1.

Kdspillm0pup is missing along with half of the other effects in the misc category. Several effects are also missing in the misc category.
I followed the installation procedure in the followign link.


and installed from the command line. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did you update frie0r and melt too? Lots of effects come from the frie0r packages.

Keyspill mopup has moved to Alpha Manipulation category (or was it always in that category ?) On my 0.9.5 version from Sunabs test repository keyspill mop up is in Alpha Manipulation category.

And I get extra effects in misc category. Not sure I am missing any.
See http://userbase.kde.org/Kdenlive/Manual/Effects/Misc#New_in_Misc_in_ver_...