Keeping last image of a video clip few seconds more


I'm new using Kdenlive and I enjoy. I made a little clip but I stopped the camera too fast. However the last second is a still image, so I would like to reproduce the last image of the clip few seconds more. Is there an easy way to do it? Thank you in advance for any answer.

There certainly is. Just move your Timeline pointer to the frame you want, then right click on the monitor screen and select "extract frame". Save and then add it to your project. You can then adjust it to any length you want.

The problem is that saving a frame as image might do some color space conversions, so you could see a small color change in your timeline. Another option is to put a second copy of your clip in timeline, move to the wanted frame and add a "Freeze" effect. That way, you have a clip that will always display that frame, just append it to the previous clip and you're done.

Just thought I would see how that worked but it appears that freeze is not working for me.

kdenlive 0.8.3+git20120105.9dea7a4b-0ubuntu0~sunab~maverick1
mlt 0.7.7+git20120103.7b10d647-0ubuntu0~sunab~maverick1

Hello again,

Thank you for the two solutions. I tried the first one (extracting a frame in jpg format) and it worked fine without changing colors. In fact, I use the few seconds more to fade to black. That's why the second solution can not work: freezing and at the same time fading the still image.

Thank you again for your fast and precise answers.

Although you've solved this another option for anyone needing the same and noticing a brightness contrast shift which may only actually be noticed in the final encode is to force full luma in the properties panel of the clip which should also help.


Thanks for testing my solution! Indeed, in some circumstances the freeze filter did not work. I just sent a patch on MLT's mailing list, so it should be fixed quickly, and there is no problem in using a fade to black over a freeze effect..