Kernel 2.6.22 new firewire class

Dear all,

I am trying to get DV out of my camcorder using Kino and Dvgrab.
No success.

My kernel is 2.6.22, which has a new firewire module.
Apparently, there are /dev/fw0 and /dev/fw1 entries.

Does it impact the way to import films. Silly question, but I don't understand why I cannot query the camcorder.

Thanks for any input.

Seems to be a known bug in debian (ubuntu) and fedora.
Comme vous êtes francophone : voiçi un lien explicant une solution pour fedora en français :

In conjunction with the new driver subsystem, you must use an unrleased version of libraw1394 and OHCI 1.1 hardware for the media I/O (isochronous) functions. My development workstation still only has OHCI 1.0 hardware, so I have not been able to confirm this new stuff working ok for me. This is immature stuff, and the OHCI 1.1 requirement makes it unsuitable for inclusion in a release IMO.

You can check dmesg output to see what version you have. What distro are you on? Maybe it has not updated libraw1394 or you need to upgrade it.

The new libraw1394 is in the juju branch at

You must retrieve it via git and switch to the juju branch before building.

And, yes, this is the result of living on the bleeding edge. I just got an OHCI 1.1 card to install and test this stuff with, but not yet.

I am impressed. Maybe I should get back to 2.21 for a while. Thinking...