Keyframe handling feature enhancement

Hi Kdenlive developers,

during the past Kdenlive versions you've implemented some features to handle/alter keyframes directly in the timeline. This is a great benefit!
I use the volume filter with keyframes to adjust the volume.

But I miss one feature that I know e.g. from another audio editing software:
Deleting a keyframe with the mouse!
If you want to delete a keyframe, drag it with the left mouse button and move the mouse outside the track. When you are e.g. min. 50 px away from your track, the keyframe is temporarily shown as deleted and when you release the mouse button, then the keyframe is permanently deleted.
The distance trigger is needed to avoid accidental activation of this feature, when you leave the track only a little bit.

I think it's also possible to do this without the temporary step before final deletion? I don't know how difficult it is to code this feature request?

What do you think about this?


Hey, good news, this is already implemented in Kdenlive! It does not work for keyframes that are at the 1st frame or at the last frame of the clip, but all other keyframes can be deleted by dragging them out of the clip (top or bottom) and releasing the mouse.


Ok thanks! It works fine!

I've anyway overlooked this? But I'm pretty sure that it didn't work in the past, but I've no idea in which svn version I tried to check this...