Keyframes and effects

The new version has only one keyframe, when calling an keyframe-effect (e.g. volume). I recommend two keyframes. If I use an effect with keyframes, I want to use both of them and not just some gain, there are simple gain-effects and if I want it simple, I can use those.

In addition I suggest the two first keyframes to be fixed at the beginning and the end of a clip, the possibility to shift them away from beginning or end is high and that produces bad effects. I see no reason to shift them away.

This is a proposal from a professionell editor ...


The plan for the future is to remove all duplicate effects, so that at some point there are only keyframable effects. However since in most cases you only use static values (= one keyframe) we start without a second keyframe. A second keyframe is just one click away.
I will try to have a look into this well known bug when moving the first keyframe. However not considering this bug the behavior is desirable since it makes it possible to have a value changing in a certain range will before and afterwards it is constant.