Keyframes are the KEY


I think is xtremely important to make ALL the effects and transitions etc keyframable.. I am giving up to keep expermenting (I can't keep trying to get an effect when is almost impossible to keyframe some features in an intuitive way is quite messy the way you can apply effects (too many things not clear like affining compositing and things like that ?? then I can't find the keyframes (for example when applying rotation it does it by itself and I can't control where to stop where to start neither re-start point etc..)


I hope it evolves to a more solid and versatile and intuitive way to apply effects to the clips... at the moment the videos come in a very experimental way and can't do something really planned in creative terms... 


but I really like thinking kdenlive will get to that point since it seems has the foundation in the concept to become the real alternative for video effects and editing in open source world !


thanks a lot guys!