Kndelive 0.5 ready, don't you think?

Dear JB and friends,

I use Kdenlive during 10 hours work sessions, twice a week.
The other days, I am out shooting video sessions.

Kdenlive 0.5 svn suits my needs, except for subtitles (but it can wait another release).
Since the startup bug was fixed, the most important problems in Kdenlive are now gone.

Maybe Kdenlive is ready for 0.5 release?
Don't you think?
Are you preparing other features?

You cannot achieve perfection directly.
This is only 0.5 release, by far the best video editing tool in Free Software.

As explained in The Cathedral and the Bazaar, free software should be released more or less frequently, to attract users and developers.
Congratulations for your hard team work.

Kind regards,

Rendering is broken. See the bug in corresponding forum. Kind regards, JM

There's a topic about it's release in the News forum.