LADSPA effects, Qjackctl

I've been using Kdenlive/Ubuntu since 2008 and I don't know when this happened, but I opened up the "audio" effects last week and found alot of the plugins I would normally use in Ardour. Yes! I really dig these LADSPA effects.

Kdenlive has been always becoming more and more kickass. I also love how keyframes and automation is visualized on the video/audio clips now.

If we could ever use Kdenlive with qjackctl, I would be so happy. To use Ardour and Kdenlive together would be a dream come true. Synchronize video with the audio AS I'm EQing it. That's my dream.

now i remembered there is a python script that connects Blender and Ardour trough qjackctl :) someone with more knowledge in python should see if it can be re-engineered to connect Kdenlive and Ardour.

Here is a demo: