ladspa plugin bug

Dear friends,

It seems that the audio effect "Modulation" does not work any longer.
In fact audio modulation works, but the image is black.

inigo montage.kdenlive

+-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+
|1=-10| |2= -5| |3= -2| |4= -1| |5= 0| |6= 1| |7= 2| |8= 5| |9= 10|
+-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+
| H = back 1 minute, L = forward 1 minute |
| h = previous frame, l = next frame |
| g = start of clip, j = next clip, k = previous clip |
| 0 = restart, q = quit, space = play |
plugin_mgr_get_object_file_plugins: error opening shared object file '/usr/lib/ladspa/blop_files': /usr/lib/ladspa/blop_files: Ne peut lire le fichier de données: est un répertoire
I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/tmp/kde-jmpoure/kdenlive/1188465517816870563.rack"
Could not parse file '/tmp/kde-jmpoure/kdenlive/1188465517816870563.rack'

Inigo crashes sometimes. kdenlive is not able to display the video at that point, when the audio effect "modulation" is applied.

Here is a working file, without modulation :

file montage.bad :

file montage.good

diff -a montage.bad montage.good




looks like something wrong with the ladspa blop plugin. can you remove the blop package temporarily and see if it helps?

Thanks, I removed the /usr/lib/ladspa/blop directory, which was the problem. Now MLT plays very smoothly.

/usr/lib/ladspa directory structure can include subdirectories like the blop directory (including three files).
MLT should not break when finding directories in /usr/lib/ladspa/

Do you think this is a bug in MLT?

Kind regards,

This could break Kdenlive in Debian SID.

Yes, this is a bug in MLT, in code we appropriated from the jack-rack project.

I just committed a fix to MLT subversion.

Thank you very much. This works great. I wonder if mlt needs a bugfix release. This was a really tiny but quite nasty bug ...