Language problem JJ 9.04 /Gnome/


i have in Ubuntu Sunab packages 0.7.5. /thanks for it/. But there is a little problem with localization. In Czech is 100 per. localization, but i have 50/50 English/Czech. I think that problem is in Gnome. I have .mo file and i give it to /usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES and nothing changed. I have same localization as in 0.7.4.-3.

Where is localization folder in KDE, please?


hi funk,

you need to install the KDE localisation files for Czech language to have a full Czech kdenlive interface.
In Ubuntu you can achieve this installing the kde-l10n-cs package.

Yes Sunab, thanks. I'll try it at home. Your work is very good! P.