Latest Release -- 8.2 in fedora15

I hope this is a suitable place to post this. If not then please feel free to evict my message to the proper place.

I just want to thank the maintainers of kdenlive for their outstanding work with kdenlive.

The one improvement that I really enjoy the most is the syncing of the composite time marker with the timeline marker. It makes it 100 times easier to sync effects. No longer do I have to guess at where the proper place to set a marker in composite would be.

Next, Would most definitely be the ability to copy and paste segments of video in the time line. What a time saver!

I think the only thing that I can see as an improvement is the ability to right click a segment on the time line and choose delete. I dont seem to have that in fedora 15. Dont know if this matters but:


Im sure there are other great improvements but I just have not had time to explore them as much.

Perhaps no one really says it but its true: Opensource software is a godsend to us that cannot afford to spend 200 bucks or more (I know the sony software is outragous) to buy it. This gives alot of people the opportunity to create that otherwise would never have the chance. For this I Thank you very much.

OH -- Love the resizing of video segments too! Alot easier with the bar slider!!