libavformat parameters

Hi all, where do i find a complete list of the possible parameters for libavformat? I'm now exporting from kdenlive to dv avi and then converting the file with ffmpeg, but i suppose that most of the parameters of ffmpeg can be used with libavformat to create custom export profile in kdenlive. Am i wrong :?:


I think it's expecting an ffmpeg command line - use the ffmpeg docs to work out what options you need.

tought the same, i needed to set framerate on an mp4 export but the ffmpeg command (-r) does not work. Others ffmpeg command line parameters make the export proces to abort.

I would like to know the parameters, too...

I need parameter setting format to, some thing like aspect rate and ...

Libavformat parameter unfortunately differs from ffmepg parameters they are very similar but can differ.
Even worse, MLT doesn't support all libvformat parameters, they are processed by MLT layer and some are handled to libavformat.

P.S. this information may be out-dated. I described situation I experieced few months ago. I tried to set some advanced interlacing parameters.


I am stuck with the same problem. While exporting the time line, I wanted to enhance the deinterlacing. While toying around with the customized export settings I did not find the proper parameters.
deinterlace=1 pp=ffmpegdeint
and so on did not work. pp=ffmpegdeint was derived from man mencoder. ffmpeg parameters do not work as well (like mentioned above).

Any help would be warmly welcome.
Best regards, Zed.