Light Graffiti Effect Troubles

Sorry if this question has already been answered but I have a question about the Light Graffiti Effect. I have been using my Canon EOS 500D T1i DSLR for Light Graffiti photography and after hearing about Kdenlive, I'm getting ready to dabble in videos too. I was finally able to get Kden to respond with my computer and I love the program but I'm slowly learning. Thr problem I've ran into as of late is that when I preview the video in the project monitor and I apply the effect to the video, it keeps the effect OVER other videos if that makes sense. For example, if I have a video where I'm writing lyrics and I'm writing over them in the same areas or frames on the video, I apply the effect correctly but if I restart the video, the effects are still left over and they remain until I restart the program and apply the effect on the video again, and that works until I restart the video. So 1, is this a normal problem and I have to film and edit individual lyrics or parts, or 2, is this a problem in the program. Sorry for the long response and I hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance for the help.

Not exactly sure what the issue is that you describe.
But you should be able to size the effects to only cover the parts of the video you want the effect to cover.

But maybe you could post a screen shot of the project to help explain

Thanks for the help ttguy. Sorry for the delay in my response, I work 2 part time jobs and I go to college as a full time student so I am only able to work on my projects when time allows. My friend who got me started in Ubuntu has also tried the program. We have downloaded the same version and we have the same version of Ubuntu but for some reason, mine is different. When he reinstalled ubnutu 11.04 on my computer, he said he screwed something up but it wasn't too important. He is on leave next week and plans to reinstall Ubuntu and kdenlive on my computer. As a quick example of my problem, what I am exeperiencing has to be in the program it's self. If I take a video of myself drawing a circle with a flashlight and put it into the program, the effect works. If I look at the timeline monitor, the video will play. When I apply the light graffiti effect and play the video, it applies the effect and you see the light path. But the problem is if I replay or restart the video, the light path is still there. The video could be of a pitch black room but the light trail still remains. Is it a setting with the effect (like opacity or duration) or is it something else? I will try to post a video of what is happening to me as a reply. Do you know of any Ubuntu screenshot/video capture programs? I haven't researched the topic very far and was curious. Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it. Hopefully you can understand my problem now.