Lightning effect

I'd love to see a lightning effect for Kdenlive (like the lightning effect in Adoe Premiere etc). I think if we had this we'd get a lot of the Starwars fanfilm kids to use kdenlive as well.

It would probably help to leverage the motion tracking in melt to keep track of two or more end points so the lightning could track an object (finger, head, moving bodies, etc). Probably good if there was on start point to multiple end points so the lightning could fork and split.

Anyone think they can tackle this?

None of the current developers is currently working in this direction. So unless somebody jumps in you probably won't see this feature in Kdenlive in the near/distant future. After all Kdenlive is a video editor and no animation app.
Most likely this can be done in Blender, rendered and then used in the project in Kdenlive.