Linking Clips

Ok I am nearly finished with my first video project with Kdenlive and I wanted to say that overall I have been pretty impressed with how functional the program has been so far. I have been doing video editing for a while now and have used Primiere primarly. I just thought I would add some input for you to consider.

- One feature I think would be really useful would be linking or locking video clips together. Meaning taking two video (or audio) some they move and act as one. This is really useful when you know that two or more clips will stay together no metter what, and it make it easier just to move one instead of mutiple.

- Having an option of having more then one timeline available in a project. This comes from mostly using Primiere but I found it very helpful. I would create usually two timelines (sometimes more) a final time line and one where I would stick my clips, resize them and otherwise work with them until I would stick them into the final product timeline. It was also usually for a bigger project that in Primere you could create a project with timeline 1 for example, and when that was edited you could stick that entire timeline into another timeline.  So a very nifty feature.

- Some more tools. The 3 basic ones work, but some additional tools would be helpful. One tool I liked in my previous video editing experience has put a tool that could push one entire video (or audio) track forward or backwards. It's similar to your spacer tool but it only affects the one track.


That's the input I have to give so far on the program. Keep up the good work, this is becoming a solid peice of software. I may be able to use linux exculively for my video editing now.


1) Yes, clip grouping would be a great feature, I will start looking at it soon

2) Multiple timeline was introduced some time ago but was too buggy, so it is currently disabled... maybe later

3) Spacer tool works on the current track only when you use Ctrl + click