A Little moan after a hard day's Editing

I'm using Kdenlive 9.3 - sunab svn and there seems to be a lot of very annoying bugs at the moment.

1. Title Clips wont rescale on render from 1080 to 720, so no conversion at the moment for the Web.
2. Rendering a selected section of a clip has a number of extra (not selected) frames tagged on at the end.
3. Some fades not showing correctly and set to zero on opening. Not a great problem though.
4. Excessive usage of memory. When it reaches 6GB, save and shut down Kdenlive to retrieve and restart.
5. Render a centre section of a clip and run through "SlowmoVideo". Re-align new Clip to the exact frames. Step through the join frame by frame and looks great. When rendered, there is a huge jump. Looks like extra fames have been added. I have done this a lot before with no problems.

6. Use on board Stabilization. Select clip > stab. Transcode > add clip to Project Tree > OK. When finished, clip is added to Project Tree with an immediate MISSING CLIP showing in the monitor. Not sure it's ever done that before, so is it me?

7. Not sure I will ever see this one again, but a two pass XVid4. I need the best quality for VirtualDub and stabilizing. No offence, Marco, when it worked for me I thought it was excellent, but nearly all of my clips are hand held. Massive crap at the start, fairish in the middle and rough at the ends. I don't want to stabilize the whole clip. A solid, easily moveable clip is best for me. (but only most times:-) )

There are a few more small things but, not a great problem.

Ok, I have moaned enough. What's Great!!

1. Kdenlive interface hasn't crashed out on me in what seems like years.
2. Rendering is excellent, I have NO problems whatsoever (except XVid4 - not really Kdenlive?)
3. The new Effects Stack, Brilliant !!
4. The new Titler, getting a whole lot better!
5. Undo,Redo in the Menu, GREAT! Mind you , not sure when that came in. I'm not very observant. (History took up too much space)
6. There's lots more that I will remember tomorrow,