a little study made with Kdenlive



It's in the Vimeo 640x480 (2 pass) format in Kdenlive's Render list. Nothing special, just some NASA images sequenced with PhotoFilmStrip then edited in Kdenlive (added the Baltan effect, some visual fades, and the audio track). Btw, the shakiness of the initial images came with the MPEG created by PFS.

Titling is unstable in my version of Kdenlive (0.7.7 rev.4166, with MLT 0.4.7), lots of annoying crashes. It's been a while since I updated, I'll test the latest asap.

Is there a preferred format for videos presented here ?



Nice combination of space images with the music. Have you got some tracks like these for download somewhere?

If you ask me, present your videos in OGG format so I can view them in my browser and it's an open standard... but any other format I can watch too.


Thanks, Weevil, I appreciate the feedback. Re: Ogg/Theora, what's the preferred configuration ? 800k, 1000k 2-pass, 6000k, or ... ?

I have more music made with Csound on-line here:


The music in starshow2 is a fragment of a longer piece:


For the Ogg-challenged:




I enjoyed the bluestracks :)

Looking at your starvideo it has a bitrate of 3152 kb/s so for a similar project I would start with 2000k 2-pass and see if that fits your desires. Audiorate in Kdenlive presets seems to be set on a convenient (for OGG) 128k.

Anyway I'm no expert yet so check out the Theora cookbook encoding page and ogg comparison page if you want to learn more.


btw did you install PhotoFilmStrip on Karmic? I'm having trouble getting it to work from deb and svn.

Thanks for checking out my music site, and thanks for the advice on rendering. I'm still a novice, learning as I go.

I can render to Ogg video, but there's no audio. Mplayer reports that no audio track exists. Weird, because I have libvorbis correctly installed. Too bad, the video quality is nice.

You asked about PhotoFilmStrip. I got it running on Karmic, with the SVN sources. I made sure I had the wxgtk packages installed (for 2.6 and 2.8), then I entered the photostoryx directory and launched the program so:

python2.5 trunk/src/photofilmstrip-gui.py

It appears to work okay, but I haven't tested it yet.