Live-cd with Kdenlive

i new in this group and my english is not very good, so please be carefull with me. :roll:
My Question: Is there any live-cd Project, wich contains Kdenlive, or isn it a good idea? The reason for my question is not really to produce a film with this distribution, but to show it people to make them interesting in Linux.
Maybe someone knows something about.
Thanks schrotti

I have found linux distribution called artistx (homepage:

). It is based on debian an contain posibly everything :D (cinellera, kdenlive, audacity ...) (

But it is a dvd! I think it isn't so bad idea create light live cd with kdenlive and some example video files.
However I see some problems, what happened when user started rendering without mounted disk partion? :D

I build a customized Kubuntu Live CD with KDEnlive by myself. Itś running but i Think there are som non-free-codecs in it. I Think i need some more time to work in this project.