Live Demo update to 0.7.4?

I'd be quite interested in trying the USB demo, but the webpage says it's 0.7.2 and there must have been a fair few updates since then..? I'd be happier using the most recent version.

I understand if it's a pain to redo it :)


Nice tumbleweed around here.

i'm currently building a debian testing in virtualbox, hopefully they'll be ready in few hours!

Here is my build status:
* Melt is part of unstable repository, not testing.
* Debian live should be able to build using unstable. Unfortunately, I still have errors.

Here is my build script:

apt-get update

mydate=`date +%Y%m%d`

mkdir $mydirectory
cd $mydirectory

lh_config --debian-installer=enabled \
-a $myarch -d $myversion -m '' \
--hostname '' \
--categories 'main contrib non-free' --keyring-packages 'debian-multimedia-keyring undebian-archive-keyring debian-multimedia-keyring' \
-p gnome --packages 'aufs-modules-2.6-amd64 kdenlive-dbg swh-plugins genisoimage gtk-recordmydesktop \
vlc totem-xine avidemux gnome-subtitles \
mplayer mencoder \
dvdrip dvdrip-doc mjpegtools ogmtools unrar-free hal xine-ui subtitleripper \
quicktime-utils quicktime-x11utils transcode mpgtx \
ardour audacity qjackctl jackd jack-tools jack-rack gnomebaker \
rawstudio inkscape f-spot synfig blender \
ntfs-3g ntfsprogs dosfstools gparted ntfsprogs jfsutils xfsprogs reiserfsprogs lvm2 \
firmware-ralink firmware-bnx2 firmware-iwlwifi firmware-qlogic \
wireless-tools wpasupplicant network-manager network-manager-gnome twinkle \
usbmount fusefat fuseext2 fusedav fusesmb gnome-volume-manager \ \
iceweasel evolution qdvdauthor'

#Add debian multimedia repositories
echo 'deb experimental main' > config/chroot_sources/debian-multimedia.chroot
echo 'deb experimental main' > config/chroot_sources/debian-multimedia.binary

echo 'deb sid main' >> config/chroot_sources/debian-multimedia.chroot
echo 'deb sid main' >> config/chroot_sources/debian-multimedia.binary

echo 'deb testing main' >> config/chroot_sources/debian-multimedia.chroot
echo 'deb testing main' >> config/chroot_sources/debian-multimedia.binary

echo 'deb ./' >> config/chroot_sources/debian-live.chroot
echo 'deb ./' >> config/chroot_sources/debian-live.binary

cp -f binary.$myextension ../debian-live-$mytarget-$mydate.x$mybits.$myextension

Here is my question on Debian Live:

(09:55:50) The topic for #debian-live is: Always use the latest live-helper from sid | If nobody answers, use | Releases: | Snapshots: | yes, cdimages may be old; lh_config && lh_build if this bothers you
(09:56:22) jmpoure1: Hello everyone. I am trying to build a Debian SID live DVD for Kdenlive demo.
(09:56:22) jmpoure1:
(09:56:57) jmpoure1: I added the following lines to my chroot sources:
(09:56:58) jmpoure1: echo 'deb ./' > config/chroot_sources/debian-live.chroot
(09:56:58) jmpoure1: echo 'deb ./' > config/chroot_sources/debian-live.binary
(09:57:13) jmpoure1: You can read my script here:
(09:57:14) jmpoure1:
(09:59:55) jmpoure1: Why is lh_build still looking for kernel modules?
(10:01:09) jmpoure1: live-helper is installed from
(10:01:19) jmpoure1: So it should be able to handle sid release.
(10:01:37) jmpoure1: Where did I go wrong? Thanks for answering me. I paste this message on Internet.
(10:04:54) jmpoure1: I will stay connecter during the day in case you can help our community.

Glad to see you are working on it, thanks..... looking forward to giving it a test drive!

jmpoure: i'll stop my building, then (yes, i upgraded to sid after trying testing), since you have much more experience than me with debian, but i'll keep it installed in virtualbox, so ask if you want me to help you building the demos (i just need a script)

oh: may i suggest the option "--hostname" in lh_config?

I found the error in the building script. It was a > instead of >>. I am publishing now. Will take the day to upload.

There are still a few errors and I am working on them.

I could produce the first DVD. There is still a conflict between MLT packages, which should be solved tomorrow. So one more day before we have the live DVDs.

I forgot mkisofs. Also I am adding virtualbox additions to ease testing in a virtual environment. I will also try to produce virtualbox images. The DVDs will be online tonight.

Excellent, thanks - looking forward to the USB memory stick version.
I'll probably buy a cheap one from somewhere just for this.

Just a thought - how about a "de luxe" version with OS office software and a number of good free games, Firefox with all the usual add-ons and plug-ins, antivirus - filling up and making best use of a 4GB thumb drive - all a newbie would need for a really impressive introduction to Linux?

The 64 bit DVD was uploaded. The 32 bit DVD is uploading. USB sticks will be uploaded tonight. I had to remove OpenOffice and avidemux for technical reasons (incompatibility of packages due to javac). But the DVD offers a bunch of multimedia software. Don't hesitate to comment the pages and ask for more packages.

Now I plan to work on a Debian virtualbox image with guest additions. This may convince closed OS users to migrate to free software solutions.

Is the USB-stick new version ready? This page still says :

"The live demonstration provides a usable Gnome desktop with several audio and video applications:
* Kdenlive 0.7.2 video editor