live usb will not shutdown or reboot

I want to try out kdenlive. Downloaded and installed the debian-live-usb-20090702.x64.img. It boots and the persistant partition and home partition appears to work.

When I select shutdown or reboot, I get a clean background and cannot continue.
ctl+alt+backspace == no response
ctl+alt+f1 == console

I tried "real, seamen, entertain, in, underwater, bunkers" ie: alt+sysreq+r,s, e,i,u,b.
result == response to all except the last alt+sysreq+b ==no response
ctl+alt+del gives response but the system hangs with:

"cannot execute /sbin/sulogin"
Id "z6" respawning too fast disabled for 5 min.

After 5 min the respawning message is repeated.

Can I edit the shutdown script??? I will need consise directions as to where the script is and how to edit it.