Logo/image overlays

Normaly I put my video on track 4 and 3 and maybe some tekst on track 2 and a png logo in the right top on track 1 with composite track auto or track 4.

The track 1 is normaly the full lenght of the video - but using auto does not automaticly swith between track 3 and 4 and I need to cut the track 1
into parts and set the composite track between 3 and 4 - it this a wrong way to do it ?

Another way to put a logo into the video is this: Finish your project without the logo. Then create a new project and import the other kdenlive project as a clip, place it on track 2, add the logo with composite (auto) in track one and render.

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Yes I know this is a possible solution also, but this is a strange solution compared with simular software.