Looking for an effect


i looking for a comfortable way to make an effect like the text "timeticks" at 0:54 in that Video: http://vimeo.com/29616052
Anyone got a nice idea to do that?

//Edit: Find a solution... but there was another question: Is it possible to disabled the interpolation in the "Verschieben und Zoomen" (i think in english it's the "pan and zoom"-effect). Because the movement of the title in this case is sliding to the next poosition, i want to have it to jump to the new position.

Hope, it's clear, what i meaning.

You make right man, It's is bug of software
but, until it was cool
maybe you can try inverse the mode of animate,
you write with big letter and start animation from the end to start

Maybe solve...

Thanks for the answer, but i don't think, the interpolating ist gone then. But...
Just found a solution. It's not a 2-click-way, but it works.

Titleclip on timeline, put pan and zoom-effect on the clip, cut the clip every 3 to 8 frames (just to make it seems randomly) and change for every clip-piece the position. After that the composite on it for the whole length of the titleclip, ready.

In case, someone want to know it and don't understand what i mean, i make a short tutorial.