Looking for kdenlive training in Germany

I am looking for someone who could give a group of video amateurs (Wikipedia contributors) a training session in kdenlive.

We have some semi-professional equipment (HD cameras + accessories) and produce clips of different kinds, mostly interviews, recordings of talks or documentation of activities.

Some of us have no knowledge about video editing, a few of us use kdenlive and have already mastered some simple things like intros, white fades, inserts and scrolling credits, also thanks to the video tutorials linked here.

The idea is to invite the interested volunteers with their notebooks for a weekend session (Friday evening till Sunday lunch) to a easy-to-reach place in the german-speaking area and have a 1,5 day training session with someone who knows kdenlive very well and can teach us how to use it efficiently and the typical effects and tricks one must know to do good post-processing.

We don't have piles of money but of course we will reimburse travel costs to the participants and pay appropriate fee to the speaker.

Do you want training in the german language ?

I can help in Berlin - I've only been using Kdenlive for 8 months though I've been editing 8 years, so can explain concepts and best practices well. I speak German but can explain things better in English, and I'm always keen to help out Wikipedia contributors!
Maybe I could team up with a German-speaking Kdenlive expert? This is the kind of work I do: http://vimeo.com/63424029

I say nice to have. English would also be doable.

Very nice video, this was also done with kdenlive?

It seems that currently we have two people offering kdenlive training in english, am I correct? I guess that would work. Berlin is also a good place - would that work for both of you? My english is quite good, so I can also help out if people don't understand.

In the meantime I have also asked the Linux-Hotel if they know people and from their it went to the KDE team etc. and they didn't know anyone.

So if you are interested in doing something together that would be great. Let's define where you come from and find a got date for the training, then I'll take care of a room in Berlin and make a budget so I can arrange for the funds.

great, I just sent you a private message. yeah, the video was done with Kdenlive - it has taken me a little while to get to grips with the program, and it's still not as fast and capable as Final Cut Pro, but it's improving all the time and generally works well enough for my needs.