loop zone not working/freezing

with kdenlive svn when ever I try to loop a zone it only plays once.
Then if I click any where else in the time line or click on any of the controls
kdenlive freezes.

I use Archlinux and Kdenlive svn


Are you using mlt from git head as well? You should if using Kdenlive from svn head.

I recently just switched to mlt 0.7. Will switch back to git and try again

Just updated both kdenlive and mlt and the same
thing happens

edit: also with these updates the project monitor dislpays currupt.
images aren't show properly and effects changed, but the clip monitor seems to be ok.

edit2: the clip monitor also seems to be having problems, but not as much as the project monitor. The
thumbnails display well though.

edit3: Ok, here is the wierd part. I opened an older project and that one displays well. The newer project contains
some of the same artwork from the newer one but they don't even display in the clip view properly in the new project.

edot4: all my images are png's

unable to reproduce any of your problems. Feel free to file a proper bug report. On the mailing list, we devs recently agreed to stop using this forum. Too bad we can not close it. We can only delete it.

Ok Thanks.

On a quick note I installed back mlt 0.7 and all my new problems went away so I'm guessing it was mlt.
don't know why it would mess up one project and not the other.

edit: New mlt from git fixed like 99 percent of the new issues I had since switching from mlt .7 to git
, so if you had issue like I had then updating should fix most of your problems.
edit2: Is anyone else using svn having the same loopzone issues as me? If so I will report it as a bug.