Lost Keyboard Shortcuts after Update to r5451

Not sure if this is a bug or something unavoidable after the addition of new features but I lost all my keyboard shortcuts today after getting the update to r5451. I've been getting the regular svn updates for a while now and have never lost them in any previous update.

One other thing that was a little strange about this update. Yesterday, Update Manager tried to download a Kdenlive update which it failed to fetch. Today, I refreshed things and then it showed updates to both Kdenlive and MLT, all of which it downloaded and installed successfully. Could the shortcut problem be related to this?

Is there a config file somewhere that contains the shortcuts that I could restore?


Shortcuts are saved in a file called kdenliveui.rc which is located in $HOME/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive.
I recently made a change to the way effects are managed, so it is possible that shortcuts triggering effects are lost, but for other shortcuts that is strange...

Thanks, jb. My shortcuts were all for triggering effects so I guess it's not so strange after all. I will take a look at my backups to find that .rc file and try to restore them.

Hmm. After having a second look, I noticed several bugs in the effects shortcuts. They are currently broken, so wait before trying to restore them, will post a message here when it's ok.

Should be fixed now. Your previous shortcuts should be in:$HOME/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/kdenliveui.rc at the bottom of the file, looking like:

<Action shortcut="Meta+V" name="video_effect_vignette"/>

The problem is that the name for effect shortcuts have changed, so there is no way to easily recover your shortcuts, sorry. But the change had to be done, because the previous implementation was buggy...

Not a problem. I'll check that file just to jog my memory as to which effects I had made shortcuts for and then I'll redo them.

Okay, I got r5460 this morning and I added my shortcuts back using the Configure Shortcuts menu. They're working again.