Love this app, love the website ! A few advices for my own drupal instance

Hello kdenlive team,

First kudos for the software : haven't made any video edition since the 90's (and that was on VHS), but needed to do some recently. That was so easy with kdenlive !

I also happen to be one of the developper of skrooge, and since we launched our website recently, also based on drupal, I was looking around for some nice implementations. I must say there are several things I like on, starting by the top menu... Can you tell me how it's done ? I tried with the nice menus module, but failed to get something as nice. Would you mind sharing ?

Thanks in advance !



If I remember correctly, the top menu is only using Drupal's default menu module. You have to check the "Expanded" option to have the menu expand.

Also install the "DHTML Menu" module, which brings some nice animations and prevents page reloads when displaying a menu...

Hope it helps, regards