Lumix DMC-FZ28: QuickTime Motion JPEG

Hi! Does Kdenlive support fileformats from still cameras able to record HD video. I'm thinking mostly of Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28, which records in QuickTime .mov and uses motion JPEG. Should I be able to edit these videos in Kdenlive. Has anyone tried? I think that Canon PowerShot SX10 and SX1 uses h.264 and linear PCM in its .mov files - any difference in compatibility?

Thank you very much for information.

Yes. I have one and the videos work very well with kdenlive. Motion JPEG is at the moment way better supported than AVCHD.

Motion JPEG should work without problem. Can you add the camcorder to the database and upload some footage somewhere. It is always useful, thanks.

Camera entry created. Here's the raw sample from the material I'm trying to edit at the moment: