MacPorts Install

Hi I installed kdenlive using the Macports precompiled version and it was successful. I am fairly new to Linux and was wondering where did kdenlive install and how do I start the Application? Is an icon supposed to appear in the applications folder and I can run it from there? Or does this indicate that the install was not successful?

Thanks for your help

I am working on MLT and Kdenlive for OS X, and it is not quite ready. Soon, however. See this other pinned thread under the "Installing from Source" forum to keep updated:

To answer your question, it gets installed to /opt/local/bin/, and if your macports environment is setup correctly, you can run 'open -a kdenlive' from a terminal window. Alternatively, you can open /opt/local/bin in Finder, make an Alias of kdenlive and move the Alias to /Applications. Also, you should be able to launch it from Spotlight.