Manufacturing of TV of news

Kdenlajv it already it is very well modified for this job.
But there are no some functions.
1. Balance between channels/Possibility to muffle one of channels
2. The indicator of level of a sound

(audio channels mixer)

3. (video titration) On a background to lay not the static image, And sequence of shots targa/tiff/other
4. Possibility to impose effect on a path (timeline) (not a clip)

These functions can appear in the program?, Approximately when?

PS Forgive for my English translator
PPS Many thanks to all developers and accompanying kdenlive!

1 & 2: see:
3: What exactly do you mean by video titration?
4: see: and maybe some other reports

I don't expect this functions to be available in the near future as we have a only few developers and a lot of ideas.