Meet the seahorse

Camera was a GoPro HD with Eye-of-Mine enclosure and mounted on my forearm most of the time. This was my first use of the camera underwater and I shot in both 1080p and 720p. Slight color correction done for some of the clips shot at a -10 meters. Used flip effect and slow motion.
Original output video was encoded to 18Mb/s (camera tops at 15Mb/s) however video below has been re-encoded by my provider to 6Mb/s (I guess) so artifacts can be seen.

For HD viewing you need to go fullscreen and hit the HD button.

PS: Sorry for the French text. Too lazy to make two versions.

Very nice!

Many beautiful shots.
I feel your camera tracking is a bit fast at the beginning. You're swimming quite fast there, right?
Also you could need some lens correction. The distortion is very obvious at the horizon shots. Are you swimming inside Rama?

Good of you to pick up trash. It's horrible to see that the plastic is everywhere.

Nice video!
But you should definitely use a higher bitrate next time.