Merging 2 .kdenlive projects

Hi all,

Is there a way to merge 2 .kdenlive projects into a single project please?

I know that I can include them both as clips in a single project, but I would like to be able to then fiddle around with the individual video clips, so that isn't sufficient for what I want to do.


No there isn't. But I think this might be on the to-do list of JBM.

You have to dick with them separately. You could render them both to a lossless format and then put the two rendered clips into one project and dick with them some more.

I wrote a hacky perl script to do this. Attached, in case it helps anyone else.

It just puts the different projects one above the other, on their own tracks. You then need to rearrange them into the sequence that you want.

igloo, your script looks interesting. Before letting it loose on one of my projects, can you please give me a hint on what command line parameters it does expect? Is there any particular organization of project files required? I have to admit that I never learned Perl.

First, let me say that it comes with no warranty etc; use at your own risk!

It takes no command line parameters. It reads raw/*.kdenlive and it writes a number of files into the current directory. The only really useful one is combined.kdenlive which contains the result.

I had one clip with a speed-up effect applied, and it didn't handle that correctly. There are probably other things that it also doesn't handle correctly.