Miniatur Wunderland - Knuffingen Airport


last sunday i was in MiWuLa (Miniatur Wunderland) again, the world largest miniature model (hoping, that's the right word).
A few weeks ago they opened the airport, and i think it was great work.
There was many visitors there, so not all szenes are perfect, but there are nice seens in there, i think.

Have fun.


Letzten Sonntag war ich im Miniaturwunderland, der weltgrößten Modellbahnanlage. Vor kurzem haben sie den Flughafen eröffnet, und ich konnte nicht widerstehen, ihn mir anzusehen und natürlich zu filmen.
Leider war es trotz frühemd Abend noch recht voll, so dass ich keine perfekten Aufnahmen machen konnte, aber es sind doch ein paar schöne Szenen dabei.

Viel Spaß.

Wow ... must have taken ages to build this world!

Did you consider getting some kind of steadycam? (They need a lot of practice though :D)

The airport took six years from idea to go live. The builders talk about 159.000 hours and some 3.5 million Euro spent in this project. The airport (150 m²) is one of eight sections which vary in size between 60 and 300 m².

The wonderland started in 2000 when the founder had an idea while being on vacation: "Lets build the worlds' largest model railway." Today it's a well running INC. with 185 emplyees.

I have to go there, too. :)

A steadycam would be great, but there are too many people, so with steadycam there is no chance to work... until 10 minutes to close time.

And when you have a chance to geht to Hamburg, then take the time (a minimum of two hours + waiting time at the entrance) for a visit in Miniatur-Wunderland. I promise, it would be a great experience.

For more informations: (german and english)

Hmpf, hätte ich ja in Deutsch schrieben können, sehe ich jetzt grad. *g*