minor bugs

Hello people, first I'd like to say that I found kdenlive 0.5 stable enough to start using it with my students at school. As you may know nothing better to find bugs (mess around with everything) than kids.
I've noticed that:
1) Wipe transition icon at timeline doesn't agreed with that on the Transition tab.

2) Sometimes (and God only knows why) when you Razor a clip the thumbnail at the edge is a frame that doesn't belong to that clip and even if you keep Razoring it that frame remains.

3) some brat (which I wasn't enable to find out who) detached all possible windows from the main pane and I had I long go to replace it, try it ;)

For good, we picked up a nice avi format for all videos hence we'd no crashs. I've been trying to work with youtube videos and found that some work good some not at all.