"Missing clip" when adding project file as a clip


I have a slight problem with 0.9.2 on Opensuse 12.2 with several project files.

I am putting together a project adding subprojects into it, and one of the .kdenlive files works fine when editing, renders fine, but when I add it to main project I get "missing clip" in project monitor. It works fine in the timeline of the main project, but it renders as "INVALID".

Thank you for any pointers how to solve this.



I had the esame problem.
I just opened the .kdenlive file in a text editor.
At the bottom where there are listed kdenlive_producer sections, I found my clip and it had the right path. I copied the path (without quotes) and found the
section above with the same id. in my case it was id="14" so I searched for that. in the resource property it just had something like

<tractor> I replacd it with the actual path to the kdenlive file /path/thingie.kdenlive

Then it all worked fine.

Hope that helps.