missleading message ?


I would like to have changed this message...



... to something more general like "no input signal present", for example.

I know, this is not a real bug, but might be confusing some user because e.g. on ubuntu systems the device node is created under /dev/dv1394/.
Second reason is that this message also appears when the camcorder is simply turned off.
So, generally there is no need to check permissions on ubuntu, but just to turn on the camcorder ...


Hat do you think of:

Device not detected. Make sure that the camcorder is turned on. Please check that the kernel module raw1394 is loaded and that you have write permission to /dev/raw1394 or equivalent.

yep, sounds good.

Also a warning message should appear if dvgrab version is older then 2.x to prevent the problems you've had.