MLT 0.4.6 and Kdenlive 0.7.6 ffmpeg dependency question on karmic


First of all, thanks for the new releases! It's great to see so much progress being made.

I noticed in the MLT release notes that recommended ffmpeg version for MLT is now r19873. However, Ubuntu Karmic provides an older version (a patched version of 0.5+svn200090706). Could someone explain if this will cause an issue or not and what it might be?

Both Kdenlive and MLT seem to compile and operate fine using the ubuntu version of ffmpeg so far with the exception that i cannot encode to x264 (but that may be since ffmpeg does not have x264 included and could be recompiled).

I would really like to stick with the ubuntu ffmpeg packages if at all possible, even if I have to recompile them to include extra codecs rather than try and use SVN versions of everything. Any thoughts on if this will cause problems or not?

Thanks, Geoff


the ffmpeg gap between the recommended version by Dan (r19873) and the karmic version shouldn't cause many problems. But using r19873 improves seeking in H.264 and MPEG2 transport streams, as MLT had been patched to support that on 2009-09-15.

I plan to build the recommended r19873 ffmpeg (in a few hours) in another ppa to test it. I will look at x264 enabling at this time.

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Thanks, for me it's easier.

ps: I see you posted your question there too, thanks.