mlt cutlist api

I have cutlist info in a db - filename,start,end - start and end are absolute, typically the start/end of the file.

I would like to use kdenlive_render and a .mlt to add a title and credits and transcode the whole thing to .ogg.

I was able to do it for single files by saving a dummy .mlt and then using string substation to tweak it for different filenames, but trying to do that for multiple files seems clunky.

Any suggestions?

cl = Cut_List.objects.filter(episode=ep).order_by('sequence')
for c in cl:
print (c.raw_file.filename, c.start,c.end)

carl@gw42:~/dev/vid/veyepar/dj/scripts$ ./
7 Evening Lightning Talks
(u'pyohio-18.dv', u'0:2:40', u'0:6:8')
(u'pyohio-17.dv', u'0:11:05', u'0:55:45')
8 Coroutine Use In A Cavern Simulator
(u'pyohio-1.dv', u'', u'0:24:17')
(u'pyohio-2.dv', u'', u'')
(u'pyohio-5.dv', u'25', u'0:5:48')
(u'pyohio-6.dv', u'45', u'')
21 Inter-Process/Task Communication With Message Queues
(u'pyohio-4.dv', u'', u'')
(u'pyohio-5.dv', u'', u'')
11 Tutorial: Form-to-Database Web development
(u'pyohio.dv', u'', u'')
(u'pyohio-1.dv', u'', u'')

First, do not use kdenlive_render unless you need the KDE4 Jobs/Notification integration. kdenlive_render just calls 'melt' to do the heavy work. So, just use melt. Secondly, it seems you need to consult the documentation section of for a guide to its XML schema.


That is the format kdenlive saves to when you do File/Save,
"Kdenlive video project document" foo.kdenlive