MLT love: FFMPEG commands or the native codec's? (ie. x264)


I hate posting such noob questions, but I'm getting frustrated. I'm just getting started with kdenlive (and loving it!!) but in trying to duplicate presets I've made for other apps I'm running into troubles and confusion.

For example, H.264 using the x264 lib. The command structure clearly looks like an ffmpeg line, but certain things are not done with name=value syntax. How do you determine this? I figured I'd just turn it into a Boolean, ie. noglobal becomes noglobal=1, but that didn't seem to work.

Also, certain things seem backwards, for example that editing one the supplied H.264 preset shows me= (which is x264 format) versus me_method= (which is libx264 for ffmpeg format)

Again, apologies for posting something that's probably been covered to death. My searches on the forum weren't productive. (I can find example rendering profiles, but no explanations.)

Thanks for reading.


This may help,

I too am trying to make a few specific render profiles for x264 which appears to mean wading through ffmpeg syntax and options.