MLT's SDL module not found

I am using Fedora 15.
Kdenlive was installed, but when it starts, I got this message: mlt's sdl module not found, and the program doesn't open.
How can I fix this?


After many hours spent compiling kdenlive-0.8, MLT (git, 0-7.4) SDL, other dependencies I gave up.

So I finally asked uncle Google about this issue.

The answer is in the post:

The quick one is patching kdenlive source to correctly recognize SDL.

This is kdenlive bug, that should be described on it's home page instead of your post.

If you do not compile, there are other solutions mentioned in above post.

After applying that patch, compile and reinstall, kdenlive-0.8 works without errors.

My system:

Slackware64-13.37 upgraded with multilib-32compatibility + KDE-4.7.2 (both from Eric Hameleers)
Digikam-2.2.0, kernel-3.0.4 and finally kdenlive-0.8.

Have a nice day.


I just updated to Ubuntu 11.10. I tried to use my Kdenlive and I got the following message:

Fatal Error
MLT's SDL module not found. Please check your MLT install. Kden live will not work until this issue is

can someone tell me what this means and how to fix it? I would certanly appreciate it!


Thank you for all the replies!

Hello everyone. Unfortunately I had the same exact difficulty as the topic starter. Luckily, on the basis of your replies I figured out what exactly was wrong and what was the difficulty here. Thank you very much for your pots!
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