More flexible GUI

Now you can move around your panels to customize your setup. However you're very limited i that you can only move panels next to each other.

It would be useful and save a lot of space if you could stack the panels on top of each other as well.
As an example I always have both project monitor and clip monitor open next to each other. Working with 16x9 material I could easily fit one on top of the other, saving me almost 1/3 of the screen space above the timeline. And I would love to keep the effects list below the project tree instead of in a tab next to it.

Drag the project monitor and the clip monitor right off of the main window. Resize the main window however you want. Enjoy.

sorry for the size, I'll reduce them from now on.

Thanks, I did not know that you could do that.
Now, if you could only put the windows on top of the main GUI without them snapping back into it. The timeline gets awfully short when you need to make main window smaller to fit windows besides it.


here's a workaround to prevent the clip and timeline monitors from snapping back in:

1) put the "window" (don't know what's the right term for them) on the menu bar at the top (just some pixels overlap are enough) so that its horizontal position is right; it won't snap back in up there
2) by resizeing the "window" vertically at the top and bottom, shove it to where you want it to be

Does this help you achieve your GUI setup?