Most hated things in Videoediting

I love the OpenSource Power. The community, the creativity, the output, the input. I´ve made several Movies, ShortClips, one Interview and much more with Kdenlive. I do like it, because it has a clean GUI, is simple to use and there is nearly any basic Feature and a bunch of useful Tools.

What I do hate (and it is hard for me to avoid using *beep-words*):

First: Codecs and Converting.
I have spend so much time in convert and compression, it should be written on my tombstone. Man I hate it.

Second: Codecs and Incompatibility
Do I have to say anything about this? I know a lot of Codecs, Container and Formatting, but do I like to know it? Is it really necessary to know why or when or what ? If the audience look at my movies, should they give applause to the codec or what?

Third: Codecs and Automatic Recognition
I did recorded a clip with 50fps interlaced, Windows says 50fps, my Linux tells me about 25fps, Kdenlive says it is 50fps, another Windows Tool guesses something about 50full frames and my Wife call me an Idiot spending so much time ...

Fourth: Codecs and Licences
I bought a Camera, it has costs round about 1200€ (that is about 1400$ I guess). After I bought it, I looked into the description and started reading. Some hours later I realised, I have no rights. In the Licence Agreement is written, that any commercial use of Material is prohibited because I don't bought a commercial Licence of .h264. That is tough. Wasn't the claim in a commercial, I could be the next Steven Spielberg with this Brand New Toy? I guess they meant someone else, who has coincidentally the same name.

And now I ask you, what is your similar "most hated" thing in your mind?

yours truly,

Hi yt,

Nice mail, you certainly made me smile but I do think you worry too much :-)

First: Codecs and Converting.
The only attempt at converting that goes here, is when someone with a bible knocks on my door.
I just throw my .MTS files at Kdenlive, do the proxy and start playing. Is it me that's missing something?

Second: Codecs and Incompatibility
You actually answered this question with the first five words of your mail. To me, it's for all those people that like tinkering, trying to get the very best and all that. The only one I have ever played with is the default proxy and that was to get a better resolution. So, I just take what I'm offered and very pleased I am too........errrr...most of the time ;-)

Third: Codecs and Automatic Recognition
I like this one too. Not sure if all these different editors can be at fault, could be some cameras' duff info. But hey, what do I care, I just put in what I know is right. You should listen to your Wife, if she's like mine, she is always right, stop wasting your time :-) I record at 50i which is 50 fields per second, 25 frames per second. That's what Kdenlive tells me as well, because I told it to.

Fourth: Codecs and Licences
I do like this. Big smile. They are certainly covering the own asses.

"most hated"
Yes I do have one, it's not Kdenlive, codecs, editing or whatever, it's the website.
If I was ever crowned Emperor of the site, the first and only thing I would do is MOVE THAT DAM CONTRIBUTE DROP DOWN MENU to where the Resources menu is. Every time I click "Top" and have to scroll the screen down the last few lines to get to the forums, I collide with it and down it pops. Please don't tell me I'm the only one.

See, I'm so easy to please.....(sorry for shouting)

»Nice mail, you certainly made me smile«

Mission Complete :)

1. Proxy - Meanwhile it starts working for me, not against.
I wasn´t able to use this feature in the past (until middle of 2011 I guess). I can´t remeber exactly why and when it start working.

2. :)

3. Of course, my wife always right. (With the exception of the times, when I'm right)

4. Maybe I should use this one

Your Problem with the Dropdown Menu:
I try to imagine what your problem is, but fail.
Maybe you should make a small Screencapture Movie to explain?
(I guess you are the only one :D )

yours truly,