Most reliable distro for most stable ver of kdenlive?

Hello all. I'm in kind of a bind. You see some friends of mine and I shot a amatuer documentary awhile back and we wanted to use free software to edit and render our finished product. I managed to sway them to give linux a shot. After scanning around I went with kdenlive. Then version .4 (using Debian Etch) Despite many time-wasting bugs we managed to edit down our footage to roughly an hour long first draft. However, when rendering we've run into an endless number of headaches: audio slippage(either forward or backward), distorted lines, crossfades render awfully etc.

Also, inigo appears to be nonexistent under Debian etch...

Kdenlive crashed numerous times while editing and sometimes while opening a saved project. 99% of the time it drops a sig 11 error when it does crash.

I'm definitely interested in rendering our project timeline in 0.5 to see if any of these problems are resolved.

My machine is a 1.9Ghz Athlon with a gig of ram and an aging 9200SE Radeon card. I'm concerned that my processor isn't powerful enough to render the whole movie with effects, multiple audio tracks etc; but intuitively the more complex the project to render shouldn't it just take longer to render rather than mucking it up and rendering it quickly?

The project files are raw dv captures from a canon xl2 (everything was shot in 16:9 NTSC). The audio files used for music etc in addition to the raw dv are .wav and some png images were inserted for opening credits. The goal of the rendered output is a DVD NTSC format suitable for burning. Several dvds have been burned (progressively smaller renderings too) to no avail. Also, I've tweaked some of the rendering settings and essentially gotten nowhere.

If anyone has any expertise with these issues and would like to assist I would be happy to provide more details etc. as getting this movie completed and the raw footage off my hdd are much desirable.


My experience is more RAM and a faster CPU makes a signficant improvement in the functionality of kdenlive. The more capable the pc, the significantly less the number of "crashes".

This observation is based on running kdenlive on:
a. athlon-1100 with 1-Gbyte ram and nvidia mx400
b. athlon-2800 with 2-Gbyte ram and nvida fx5200

Kdenlive ran significantly better on the athlon-2800.

I use openSUSE-10.3, with the packaged version of kdenlive that was packaged by the packman packagers for openSUSE:

In the case of openSUSE, by adding the Packman repositories to one's Package Manager, the installation of kdenlive is very smooth and painless.

he more capable the pc, the significantly less the number of "crashes".

are you sure ? it's a very strange fact ....

are you sure that you have exactly the same os, libraries ...