Moving and fading titles

2 questions :

Is there a way to get a text animation (such as scrolling over the screen; text coming in from aside) ?

Is there a way to get text fading in and fading out on a background ? I will explain this more in detail. I have a clip showing features of a subject. While running the clip i want to have some text explanations to bring the attention to certain things to see in the clip. I would like to have these texts coming up and fading away slowly.
It would be nice to have it without background as well but there I have a workaround. I make an image clip of a background, then an image of the same background with text and than again the same background without text. With cross fade I go from the first clip to the second and from the second to the third.

1/ create a 'text' clip with your text.
2/ tick the 'transparent background' box
3/ Place the clip on a track above the track with the background
4/ create a PIP transtiion from the text clip to your background
5/ adjust the starting location/transparency and the ending location/transparency to suit your needs.

You might want to make two transitions. One to bring the text in, one to take it out. This is quite easy.
simply adjust the start/end of the transition with click-and-drag, then add another transition.

I did some testing with PIP. I tried to fade in a title on transparant back ground. Going from Transparency/Size/HorizPosition/VerticalPosition 99/100/0/0 to 0/100/0/0 should fade in the title. It does show no title at all. When I change HorizPosition for start to 1 (or more) the title fades away to the upper left corner to a 0 size. When I set HorizPosition for start back to zero and do the same for HorizPosition for the end I get the correct effect. So this looks buggy. The result is the same with a title with background. I have redone this a couple of times to check the reproducability.
Any ideas if this is improved in version 0.5 ? (I am using 0.4 and wait untill 0.5 comes in Gentoo Portage before installing it)