Moving dot/line to track movement on a street map?

I want to do a bike tour video, but with the street map in the corner, and showing the position of the bike at any given time with a dot at the current location on the map.
j-b-m's tutorials "Kdenlive - animate images over a video" and "Kdenlive - Picture in picture transition" are a big help, but how can I actually control a dot that moves around?

Using tons of keyframes to move a picture of a point from corner to corner on the map seems like a possibility - but isn't there an easier way?

Similar effect to this Formula one lap (the dot on the track in the lower left corner, starting at around 35 sec into the video).

This will be my second "complicated" video project (first one was here:

I created a series of clips to use in a video of a family trip using blender. You could use other animation software if there is something you are used to.

Here is one of them.

You could something similar and overlay the clip in the corner. You would still have to do some key framing to keep things in sync, but you probably wouldn't need as many because this technique uses a path for the dot or lien to follow.

Just a small test:

These are just 2 images. The Map and the dot, the dot is animated via keyframe with the "Zoom/Position"-effect. There are a few rough edges but it's just a draft.

Looks cool.

This came a bit late so I went in a different direction, and just added title frames for each street. I'll try to finish it up soon and post a link.
Maybe I'll try to make a second version with this once I'm done.