Moving tracks up/downwards

Hello, forums!
First of all I've got to say that Kdenlive is by far the best free video editor I've been using till now.
However, I've been trying to figure out how I could move tracks up/downwards, as the respective buttons in the "Configure tracks" menu are greyed out.

The situation is as follows:
Me and some of my mates have made a video. It has got multiple tracks for the scenes and so on. Now I'm trying to add credits (as title clips) at the beginning that should overlay with the rest of the video. I'm using the "Composite" transition for that.
Since I added that particular track at the very top, the Composite transition won't work because the corresponding clip is two tracks below and it would only show me a black background with text on it.

Now I'd like to move the track one position down so Composite would work. As I said, the buttons that would do so are greyed out and I haven't found a way to enable them.

My question is: How do I move tracks ?

Just click on the transition and in the settings you can change the track with wich one the title track is composite.

Many thanks to you, TiKaey !
That solved my problem !