multi-core processing support?

It would be very cool to have KDEnlive support multi-core machines with the ability to have one core used for the application, and another core (or cores) used for the rendering. This would allow one to continue to edit after the export button is pushed (like it is now), but without the performance hit of either the editing or the rendering. Apparently, Avid is working on this now for their NLVE software, and I can see how it would be useful!

[DISCLAIMER: I'm more of an artist than a coder. The following may all very well be completely *wrong*! You've been warned. 8-) ]

Sounds like this should be relatively easy to add (heh heh) in KDE4 with the new threadweaver tools/api. I'd say that support for this in KDE3 would be a bit of a nightmare though.

I agree that this would be a stunning addition, even if only on the KDE4 port (which I run anyway :D ). I dare say if this did happen, it would make a great demo for KDE4's new abilities that could get KDEnlive some rather nice extra publicity as multi-threading's traditionally been considered quite nasty.