Multi-layer compositing

Hey there!
I am having trouble compositing multiple layers,one on top of another. Basically the problem involves two layers. In the first layer a text overlay comes flying in from the top. And in the bottom layer a line comes from the left underneath the text. So I set the desired keyframes and positions. However when i play the video the text(int the top layer) comes in diagonally from top left to bottom right. I cross checked the positioning in the transition window, and they are correctly placed.

I feel I am missing out on something obvious. It goes without saying this is my first video, and i m a kdenlive noob.
So any help will be appreciated. Try giving me any solutions.


PS: I am using kdenlive 0.8.3 on ubuntu 11.10, downloaded from sunab svn repository

So i finally solved this. I was compositing the uppermost track with the track right below. Which itself had keyframe animation. That was leading to all the problem. Simple solution: just composite with the track even below. Thats all.

Hope this helps other folks as well.